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Busting Myths On Glutone 1000 & MD

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Busting Myths On Glutone 1000 & MD

Do you also crave glowing and radiant skin? Well, how about using Glutone skincare products? Glutone skincare products have Setria Glutathione, the purest form of Glutathione that helps to reduce the darker melanin synthesis responsible for dull skin. Glutone products such as Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD boost the lighter melanin synthesis, which helps the skin to glow from the inside. So, undoubtedly, with Glutone, you can get your desired glow. 

With the progressive usage and application of beauty and skincare products, many myths get associated with them. So is the case with the side effects of Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD. however, before we move on to know various myths associated with these products, let us first understand how they help provide a radiant skin glow. 

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Glutone 1000 And GlutoneMD? 

Glutone 1000 contains Japan’s best quality Setria Glutathione. It is a small molecule that is produced naturally by the body. It is involved in many essential processes, including increasing metabolism, detoxification, and enhancing immune system function. Glutathione can also be taken as a supplement to improve health or address specific medical conditions. 

Glutone MD is the world's smallest effervescent tablet created using the ‘ODeff-Technology.’ Glutone MD is specifically designed to provide the benefits of glutathione via the sublingual route allowing for faster absorption. 

Both of these skincare products feature several potential health benefits, including: 

Glutathione supplementation aids in the antioxidant defence and detoxification processes of the skin.

It also reduces oxidative stress in the skin, resulting in better skin health. It effectively neutralises free radicals and protects collagen, making skin appear healthier and more radiant.

Glutone MD and Glutone 1000 promote the production of lighter melanin while suppressing the production of darker melanin, resulting in fairer skin.

Glutathione also fights dark spots, resulting in even-toned skin free of blemishes.

Because of an increase in free radicals, the sun's harmful rays can cause tanning or hyperpigmentation. Glutathione supplementation reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals to heal UV ray/UV exposure damage.

Myths on Glutone 1000 and glutone MD 

When it comes to Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Some people believe that glutathione is unsafe or has serious side effects, while others think it is nothing more than a wonderful cure for many skincare problems, including dull and dehydrated skin. Setria Glutathione is GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) certified which means that it is safe to use for skin glow. Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD are FSSAI approved skin care products that have absolutely no side effects on the skin. 

However, there are a lot of myths associated with the side effects of these two skincare products. Let's bust some of them with cogent facts! 

1. Myth: Glutone MD and Glutone 1000 does not work efficiently. 

Fact: There is a huge deal of scientific evidence to support the safety and efficacy of taking glutathione supplements in the form of Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD. These skincare products have clinically proven results of increasing blood glutathione levels. These skincare products are also suitable for all skin types and effective for people with stressful routines. 

2. Myth: Glutone 1000 and Gultone MD can be a complete skin care package 

Fact: Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD tablets contain Sertia Glutathione which is naturally produced by our body. Glutathione works best to enhance skin glow and radiance. These skincare products solely can definitely bring out a tremendous change in the skin health. But, supporting them with Sunscreens and good lifestyle practices further enhances the results. Also, taking Vitamin C tablets like Escorz along with Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD is recommended to get better results. 

3. Myth: You get overnight results with Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD.


Fact: While glutathione has potential benefits for glowing skin, it cannot provide skin glow results overnight. It is recommended to take one Glutone 1000 tablet for at least 3-4 months and 3 Glutone MD tablets for at least 6-7 months. Glutone MD tablet is used by placing it below the tongue for quick absorption. However, to gain better results, you can combine Glutone MD and Glutone 1000 with Escorz tablets. 

4. Myth: Taking too much Glutathione is harmful. 

Fact: There is no definitive answer as to whether or not larger doses of glutathione are more effective than smaller doses. However, you start with a low dose and increase it gradually as needed. For visible results, 3 tablets per day of Glutone MD should be taken for 6-7 months. On the other hand, Glutone 1000 tablet shows sufficient results if taken one tablet daily for at least 3-4 months, preferably on an empty stomach. 

5. Myth: Glutathione is only available in injectable form 

Fact: While glutathione is most commonly taken in injectable form, it is also available in oral supplements. Glutone 1000 can be taken by diluting it in a glass of 120 ml of water. At the same time, Glutone MD can be consumed through sublingual absorption. However, it is vital to note that the body absorbs oral glutathione less effectively than injectable glutathione. 

The bottom line is that Glutone 1000 and Glutone MD are very safe supplements. Moreover, these products are FSSAI approved and the main ingredient Setria Glutathione is GRAS approved. Since glutathione is the body’s natural antioxidant, it suits all skin types and has no or lesser side effects.

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