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Setria Glutathione: Creating beauty from within

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Setria Glutathione: Creating beauty from within

As an antioxidant, glutathione protects cells from oxidative stress and also supports the immune system and detoxification process. It’s also credited with skin-brightening and other skin health benefits. The good news is that the body produces its own glutathione; the bad news is that levels can be depleted by UV light, poor diet, pollution, stress and aging.

Can supplementing with glutathione increase the body’s stores, and if so, can supplementation also provide skin health benefits?

First, researchers tested whether Setria® Glutathione, a patented branded form of glutathione, can raise glutathione levels. During a 6-month randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial, 54 participants were supplemented with either 1000 mg/day Setria or placebo. Glutathione levels in blood, erythrocytes, plasma, lymphocytes and exfoliated buccal mucosal cells were tested.


In a related study, researchers randomized healthy female subjects into three groups to take glutathione at 250 mg/day, oxidized glutathione at 250 mg/day, or placebo for 12 weeks. Over the course of the study, skin features including melanin index, wrinkles, and other relevant properties were measured.

Supplementation with Setria supports skin brightening and may reduce fine lines and wrinkles for those 35+ years old. 

Supported by clinically tested benefits, Setria glutathione is a best choice for enhancing skin glow, radiance and improving overall skin appearance! Hence for those looking for “beauty from within” benefits of Setria Glutathione, Glutone 1000 is an ideal choice. In India only Glutone 1000 contains Setria Glutathione from Japan. When taken regularly for at least 3-4 months, it gives skin glow benefits.

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