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Tackle Dull Skin and Dark Spots with Glutone Products

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Tackle Dull Skin and Dark Spots with Glutone Products

Have you ever imagined how different you would look if your skin wasn't dull if you didn't have acne scars if your skin tone was more uniform? Think of skin that is so clear and radiant that it might attract anyone's attention with just a glance. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Sure, the dark spots and bad skin are making you feel self-conscious, but have you really tried to figure out what's causing them?

Understanding what precipitated the skin dullness and other blemishes is a necessary first step in fixing them. By making some changes to your daily routine and beginning an antioxidant supplement like Glutone 1000, you may finally say goodbye to dull and tanned skin, acne spots, uneven skin tone, and other common skin concerns. So, let's quickly run through the different skin problems you could be having:

Dull skin

Even though dull skin doesn't show up on your face like a pimple, it's easy to tell when your skin isn't feeling well. When there is something wrong on the inside, it shows on the outside. When you see that your skin doesn't have the shine you want, you should know that you need to do something about it. Before you can fix a problem, you have to figure out what's causing it. Dull skin could be anything from a build-up of dead skin cells due to stress, dryness, aging, hormone imbalance, spending too much time in the sun, or other environmental factors. Glutone 1000 may help to reduce skin dullness and rejuvenate the skin by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation causing the skin to malfunction. Combine Glutone 1000 with an exfoliating cleanser and serum for better effects. Lifestyle and dietary changes are a must to ensure you continue to enjoy glowing and radiant skin.

Discordant skin tones

Who wants a skin tone that isn't even? Nobody! It might have a little effect on the appearance of one person yet be rather noticeable in the other. Melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are only two examples of the many skin hyper-pigmentations that fall under the umbrella term of "uneven skin tone". Whatever may be the underlying reason, increased production and deposition of melanin is the end result leading to pigmented patches and spots. The Setria Glutathione in Glutone 1000 has been clinically studied to improve body glutathione stores. Glutathione effectively reduces melanin formation and also increases the production of pinkish melanin over brown-black melanin. With regular consumption, the skin tone becomes even and more radiant.

The Dark Spots' Nightmare

Ugh! Is there another blemish on your face? Looking in the mirror and seeing one black spot go away as a new one emerges must have become normal for you, but you've had to do something about it, right? People with medium-to-dark skin tones are more prone to dark spots and patches because their skin generates more melanin (the component that gives skin its color). Let's go through some of the commonest causes of high melanin in your skin. Pimples and injuries (caused due to UV rays, insect bites, or may be due to cuts) are the commonest causes of dark spots. These kinds of spots are due to the excessive inflammation at the site which triggers hyper-melanogenesis and this excess melanin usually remains trapped in place. For low-sitting spots (at the dermis level) usually, laser treatment is the only option. However, for upper spots (epidermal) use of topical skin-brightening agents (Glutone Serum) and supplementation with oral glutathione (Glutone 1000) works well. 

If you wish to effectively treat dull skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and other pigmentation-related issues, then Glutone 1000 is the solution. The beauty of this product is it works without leaving any side effects and you can simply see the skin problems vanishing day by day. Glutone 1000 contains the World's Best and purest form of Glutathione i.e. Setria Glutathione from Japan. Most importantly Setria is manufactured using a unique bio-fermentation process which helps preserve its bioactivity and makes it really efficacious. It comes in an effervescent form wherein you need to just drop one tablet in 120 ml of water and consume an empty stomach in the morning on a daily basis for at least 3-4 months for visible results. Setria acts uniquely by decreasing darker melanin synthesis and increasing lighter melanin synthesis that imparts even skin tone from head to toe leaving glowing and radiant skin. The application of Glutone sunscreen helps protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays and enhances Glutone 1000's results. Together they help tackle skin issues effectively. 

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