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Adroit Biomed- Bringing Change In Cosmetology

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Adroit Biomed- Bringing Change In Cosmetology

Adroit Biomed, an innovation driven healthcare company with a focus on dermato-cosmetology.

With the temperatures rising and our skin protesting for natural changes, one tends to turn to the cosmetics industry to find solutions. In our effort to give our readers a wholesome experience, we got in touch with Adroit Biomed Limited, a pharmaceutical healthcare company with a focus on dermato-cosmetology.

Adroit prides itself on offering exceptional quality products that inspire real change in the world of dermatology. Founded by the duo, Ajit Marathe and Sushant Raorane, the company offers some unique products and was established in 2011, with a goal to inspire real change in the world of dermatology.

1.Tell us about your journey of opening your own business.

Both Ajit Marathe and Sushant Raorane are the co-founders at Adroit. Both have been in the pharma industry for over 15 years now.

As the Director of Adroit, Sushant is responsible for overall smooth functioning of the business with main focus on sales and marketing. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy & has done his MBA in Marketing. Sushant has a proven marketing management track record & over 15 years of experience. Prior to his entrepreneurial debut with Adroit, he had worked with companies like, Elder Healthcare Ltd, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Piramal Healthcare & Abbott Healthcare. As an eminent marketer he possesses diverse & wide ranging experience in various therapy areas including Dermatology & Cosmetology, Gynecology, and Cardiology & Antibiotics.

Ajit is highly motivated and experienced in providing the technical insights in the area of concept and product development. After completing his Bachelor’s in pharmaceutical sciences he decided to do M. Pharm in Formulation development from UDCT, Mumbai. He also holds a patent in controlled drug delivery system. He started his career in clinical research and has worked with companies like Altana Pharma and Neeman Medical International. Later he started with Adroit Digital Ideas to explore the healthcare advertising industry. It was in 2009 that Adroit Biomed Limited was formed. At Adroit, Ajit ensures proper functioning of planned technical strategies, production, technology transfer, collaborations, and regulatory outcomes to meet desired goals.

The duo has been friends since their college days and it was their passion that led to the setting up of Adroit.

2.What are some of the unique products that the company offers?

Established in 2011, Adroit Biomed Limited is an innovation driven healthcare company with a focus on dermato-cosmetology. Adroit prides itself in pioneering exceptional quality products, which inspire real change in the world of dermatology. These products are manufactured using state-of-the-art formulation manufacturing facilities, adhering to international standards and regulations. Using the world-class ingredients and latest technology, Adroit has been delivering the highest quality products and forming an interface between innovation, technology, healthcare practitioners and consumers. Adroit Biomed is one of the leading names in Nutraceutical-based preventive healthcare products and its flagship products are:

  • IMMUNITY BOOSTING: ESCOR Z With goodness of Vitamin C. This effective antioxidant serves not only to neutralize the free radical burst but also improves mobility of immune cells. It also keeps the inflammation under check and helps to improve the signaling between cells making the immune system more effective
  • SKIN CARE INNOVATION: Glutone 1000. India’s best Glutathione brand, Adroit has an almost monopoly in the market for the same. While it is hailed as the master antioxidant, Glutathione is important for identification of pathogens and also for generating antibodies which offer long term protection. It is a very effective antioxidant which keeps inflammation in lungs under check and especially helpful in keeping lung function during a viral infection. Glutathione is a natural skin rejuvenator and with its immunity boosting abilities it keeps you healthy and glowing from within
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTING INNOVATION: Fighter duo Glutathione and Vitamin C helps in making your bodily immunity stronger and gives you better ability to fight infections.
  • ORAL MOISTURISER INNOVATION: Skinfay Capsules. The Only Oral Moisturizer is Adroit’s hydrating innovation. Controlling the skin’s state of hydration at the right level helps reduce symptomatic as well as subclinical pathologies. SKINFAY Capsules contain CERAMOSIDES, a patented ingredient (containing a complex of plant ceramide). Which offer not only moisturizing but also collagen boosting, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants benefits. Skinfay capsules is the only oral moisturizer and a perfect daily routine.
  • TRICHOLOGY INNOVATION: RACINE (With Trichoboost Technology): Racine offers an intensive solution for hair fall and baldness. The “Trichoboost” technology, increases penetration as well as normalizes respiratory exchanges between hair follicles and blood circulation. Thanks to Auxina Trichogena*. By virtue of Auxina, RACINE Hair Lotion quickly initiates growth in dormant follicles and over the period normalizes hair cycle.

3.What were the initial roadblocks for you?

Identifying the gaps and developing an Innovative product to fit the gap, Managing Cash flows, Customer acquisition & retention were some of the initial challenges faced.

Our strength lies in understanding the market trends and gap identification, basis which we tried to offer Innovative solutions to fill these gaps. I and Ajit have a unique chemistry where we understand each other and have always struck the winning chord to come up with something new and innovative, which received a great acceptance from the market.

Cash flow: This was managed by pulling in debt for the short term to fill up the gap. We could manage this funding from banks, friends & relatives and few vendors and suppliers. I would specifically like to mention Bank of Maharashtra who played an instrumental role in helping us meet our cash flow gaps effectively. We are fortunate enough to have few vendors & suppliers who helped us during our testing times, there support was invaluable during those times

4.What will be the new marketing strategy for the company post COVID-19?

Adroit Biomed has innovated the fighter duo Glutathione & Vitamin C combination. And our focus would be in spreading more and more awareness of the efficacies of this product combo. Our business model has always been unique with, B2DOC2C (Business to Doctors to Consumers) & B2C approach. This unique model has effectively helped to integrate all the stakeholders and build an ecosystem.

5.With the season changing, pls share some essential tips to the readers for skin care?

With a change in season comes a different temperature, humidity, wind and UV exposure which  all affect changes which the body needs to respond to. Extreme temperature and humidity disrupt the surface of the skin and cause changes in the function of the external skin barrier. During this time it is very important for your skin to stay hydrated, reduce the use of too many cosmetic products, choose a proper sunscreen lotion, scrub and moisturize your skin daily. Consult a dermatologist if there is any severe skin problem.

6.What are the vitamins that one should adhere to keep their skin young and fresh?

There are 5 Vitamins which will keep your skin young and fresh. They are as follows

  • Vitamin A helps to repair and rejuvenate your skin. (Best sources are: Green vegetables)
  • Vitamin B Gives your skin a health glow and keeps it hydrated (Best sources: egg, rice, oats, banana)
  • Vitamin C its helps our immune system clean which prevents acne and other skin problems (Best Sources: citrus fruits, leafy greens)
  • Vitamin E This helps in getting clear skin, cleans immunity, reduces scars. (Best Sources: coconut oil, sunflower oil, broccoli etc.)
  • Vitamin K This helps reduce dark circles and dark spots which leave your skin spotless. (Best Source: spinach and all other leafy vegetables)

7.What is that one major problem that you see in Indian skin and what solution do you offer for the same?

Dry, patchy and sunburnt skins are the most common problem with the Indian Skin. Low levels of glutathione and Vitamin C in our body makes our skin vulnerable to the UV rays which causes all the problems in our skin. It is very important to restore the glutathione level in our body which will help prevent such problems.

8.What is the one advice that you always give to the users?

Chances are, you have a complaint or two about your skin- whether its age spots on your cheeks or dark patches. All women want to have flawless skin, but it’s hard when you are coping with acne, age spots, moles, dryness etc. Having a healthy, natural glowing skin from head to toe isn’t out of reach. It is very important to have a proper diet in place, have lots of water, which keeps the skin healthy from within. Using cosmetics and makeup can help you with temporary solutions, but for permanent solutions you need to focus on being beautiful from within. For this, you need to focus on keeping yourself healthy and strengthen your immunity.

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