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Glutone as Skincare Partner at Bombay Times Fashion Week

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Glutone as Skincare Partner at Bombay Times Fashion Week

The Mid week of December seems to be very pleasant with the Bombay weather. Less humidity and the continuous flow of cool breeze has led Mumbaikars to look into their wardrobes for that one lighter jacket or scarf they wanna add to their daily wear to keep themselves snug and stylish. The mood for fashion can already be felt more in the air with the announcement of Bombay Times Fashion Week 2020.

The Hook

Fashion definitely resonates lifestyle, aspiration, expression and also skincare as skin care is like fashion today in a variety of ways. Today we want skincare/self care products that fit into our lifestyle, products that have vibes. Today Skincare has a clearer connection to overall health and Glutone being a foremost product in the beauty & wellness segment has the right synergy to get connected with Bombay Times Fashion Week.

Glutone products
Models with Glutone Products - Glimpse from BTFW

Times Fashion Week has been the pioneer in redefining fashion trends that meticulously connect Designers, stores, and consumers where confident people flaunt their inner beauty gracefully to the world and ultimately creating space for brands like Glutone to construct the beauty from within approach as the 1st step towards our skincare and selfcare regime.

Twist to the Tale

A fashion show lacks aura without a showstopper similarly our skincare regime lacks in depth knowledge without an expert expressing the concern. To Bridge that gap a master class was organised on Day 2 of BTFW for all the models who with utmost curiosity wanted to understand how they construct a right skincare routine. The expert for the night was Dr. Pravin D Banodkar a renowned dermatologist from Mumbai with MBBS,DNB,(DERMATOLOGY) DD (UK) FELLOWSHIP Pediatric Dermatology (IADVL) who enlightened the BTFW2020 with his informative advices on skincare and how antioxidants like glutathione and vitamin C can play an integral role in it.

Glutone Fashion Week
Dr Pravin Banodkar & Mrs. Supriya Marathe with the models after the masterclass

Time passes by and once the end of BTFW gets near Glutone skincare range has been the top pick of the fashion fraternity of BTFW2020 as they pose, flaunt gracefully and sip their taste of beauty.

Images from the event

Glutone 1000
Glutone Facewash & Serum
Glutone C
Glutone Serum Pack
Glutone 1000 Tab
Glutone products
Glutone - Fashion Week
Bombay Times Fashion Week
Glutone Facewash
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