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5 Benefits Of Retinol

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5 Benefits Of Retinol

Everyone wants that one product in their skincare kit, which provides a solution to all skin issues. Retinol is a vitamin that helps in reducing skin issues like dullness, dark spots, and blemishes to improves skin texture and maintains healthy-looking skin. If you are wondering what does retinol do and how it improves skin health, read this blog to get the answers. This blog elaborates the major retinol benefits and the advantages of using retinol skincare products on regular basis.

Benefits of Retinol Serum

Retinol serum functions by triggering the cells of the outer skin layer to enhance skin cell turnover, resulting in the generation of new skin cells. Here are some of the key benefits of retinol:

  • Clears facial acne
  • Facial acne is the most common skin issue faced by nearly 80% of the Indian population after the onset of puberty and below 30 years of age. It not only distorts your look but also causes severe unbearable pain. In addition, it also leaves blemishes and marks on the skin, which are tough to remove. Retinol is effective in management of acne. It cleans up your clogged pores and may reduce further outbreaks of acne. 

    The clog-free pores also facilitate better absorption of other medicated creams and gels to reduce facial acne. It also reduces oil production in skin cells, the primary reason for acne development. Controlling the excess oil gives a smooth and healthy-looking skin. According to scientific studies, retinol has proven effective in treating both non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne. In addition, a study conducted on more than a thousand people also demonstrated a reduction in the formation of new acne

  • It acts as an anti-ageing skin solution
  • Retinol for face benefits also include its anti-ageing properties. To provide an ageless look, retinol serum works primarily in three ways that include - reducing wrinkles and fine lines, correcting sun damage, and helping you get rid of stubborn dark spots. In addition, regular use of retinol improves blood circulation, increases collagen production in the skin. The increased collagen reduces fine lines and wrinkles caused due to damage and age. Retinol also reduces dark spots and pigmentation caused by harmful sun rays. In addition, it encourages skin cell turnover to minimise discolouration and blemishes.

  • Reduces dullness
  • Multiple causes lead to lifeless and dull skin. These causes include stress, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. In today's world, it is challenging to look after and prevent each of these reasons. Therefore, retinol comes to the rescue and offers an efficient solution to reduce the problem of dull skin.

    Retinol efficiently improves the skin turnover which brings out the new skin quickly to the surface. This reduces the dullness which is caused by ageing as well as photodamage. 

    You can use Glutone retinol face oil, which contains 0.3% retinol oil which is in the phytosqualane buffered base. It stimulates cell turnover to improve skin quality and reduce dullness.

  • Brightens the skin tone
  • Regular use of retinol is safe and helps in brightening the skin tone. It efficiently improves skin cell turnover for better skin exfoliation, which forms the base of generating new skin. Improved collagen production and elastin result in improved      thickness and elastisity to the skin. The improved skin thickness, elasticity and skin turnover results in brighter and glowing skin. 

  • Provides even skin tone
  • Exposure to the sun and excessive chemicals leads to discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Lack of proper treatment degrades the skin texture. Retinol serum improves cell turnover to  reverse the hyperpigmentation of the skin. As a result, it offers an even skin tone with continuous use.

    People often search for a single ingredient that solves most of the significant skin defects, and retinol seems to do it most effectively. Multiple benefits of retinol-based products have added to its popularity in the skincare industry. Though retinol is effective in improving skin texture and tone it often comes with irritation, peeling and redness during initial use. If your skin is dry and sensitive then you may face higher grade of side effects. This is normal and you need to only help your skin acclimatise to retinol by adjusting the frequency of use. Other option available is Glutone 0.3% Retinol Face Oil which contains phytosqualane. This formula helps to reduce skin’s sensitivity to retinol. So if you have dry skin then this is the best product to opt for.           

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