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A Guide To Why You Need Phytosqualane Serum for Your Skin?

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A Guide To Why You Need Phytosqualane Serum for Your Skin?

Phytosqualane is a plant-based lightweight formula that makes up the depleted quantity of squalene in your skin. Squalene is an essential part of the skin, and it constitutes nearly 12% of the sebum or skin’s natural oil. However, ageing reduces squalene and visibility of blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Glutone phytosqualane serum for the face is a revolutionary skincare product made from olives. However, the squalene obtained from plant sources is unsaturated and turns stale faster. Therefore, they are hydrogenated to saturate the oil and increase their shelf life. 

Glutone Phytosqualane oil contains tocotrienol as well as beta-carotenoids which boost the antioxidant potency of squalane. Holistically Glutone Phytosqualane Oil offers an excellent antioxidant, barrier reinforcement, elasticity and collagen boosting benefits to the skin. It is light-weight and made from non-comedogenic ingredients. 

Several skincare benefits of phytosqualane serum have increased in popularity in recent years. If you are sceptical about incorporating this skincare holy grail into your daily routine, knowing the following benefits will surely help you make an intelligent decision.

Phytosqualane Serum Benefits:


  • Neutralises free radicals
  • One of the many benefits of phytosqualane serum for the face includes its ability to neutralise free radicals. Your skin naturally performs the function of neutralising free radicals with the help of antioxidants on a daily basis. However, stress, age, and pollution hamper this cycle which causes damage to the skin cells. Glutone phytosqualane serum for the face penetrates deep into the skin layer to neutralise the free radicals. This helps in preventing skin stress and maintaining skin structure to give a healthy and glowing appearance.

  • Moisturises the skin
  • Proper moisturising of skin enhances the appearance and reduces dryness and dullness. Glutone phytosqualane serum for the face has excellent moisturising properties to make the skin plump. This serum covers your face with a thin layer of oil that protects your skin from losing moisture and maintains a healthy barrier against harmful substances. The skin barrier is particularly crucial if you have sensitive skin or are suffering from issues like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis. The lightweight squalane serum quickly penetrates different layers of the skin, leaving a thin protective layer with a non-greasy look and feel.

    Barrier Repair: Squalane identifies itself with the squalene present in the skin oil. Hence it is taken up with ease by the skin and made part of the barrier. This is helpful in boosting the antioxidant defence as well as gaps in the upper skin layer.

  • Reduces ageing signs
  • The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are the primary sign of ageing. This is caused by reduced collagen and elasticity. Natural squalene oil reduces as we grow old, affecting our youthful appearance. Glutone phytosqualane serum is clinically proven to improve skin elasticity with regular use. This helps in reducing ageing signs and offers a firm structure to facial skin.

  • Antioxidative property of Phytosqualane
  • Phytosqualane offers antioxidative properties to the skin to reduce the effects caused by stress and free radicals. Oxidative stress occurs when the skin comes in contact with harsh sun rays and other types of environmental factors that damage the skin. Antioxidants present in Glutone phytosqualane serum fight multiple damages of UV rays and free radicals to restore the skin’s natural collagen.

  • Oil balancing
  • Natural oil or sebum produced by the skin helps in protecting it from excessive drying. However, various factors like harsh cleansers, hormonal imbalance, and environmental factors cause the skin to overproduce natural oil to compensate for the extra skin drying. Excess oil production can potentially congest the skin, making it greasy and prone to acne. Glutone phytosqualane serum has a lightweight moisturising property that penetrates the skin and maintains oil balance. This property of phytosqualane serum reduces the chances of acne development due to extra oil accumulation.

  • Protection from UV rays
  • Glutone phytosqualane serum protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Protecting the skin from UV rays maintains skin cell structure and reduces ageing marks. Moreover, it limits sun sensitivity and helps in treating sunburn marks.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • The excellent moisturising capacity of the Glutone phytosqualane serum makes it ideal for dry skin. In addition, the anti-inflammatory function of this serum makes it suitable for highly sensitive skin to treat ailments like eczema, psoriasis, etc. Similarly, the benefits of Phytosqualane serum for oily skin include the prevention of excess natural oil production to reduce dirt accumulation and stretch of skin pores.

    Phytosqualane serum is an excellent skin care product that offers multiple benefits to users. Glutone Phytosqualane serum has ingredients like Squalane, Coco Caprylate, Ethyl Oleate, Tocopherol acetate, Tocotrienol, etc., that are clinically tested to give a firm, plump, radiating and well moisturised look to your skin.

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