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Our Philosophy

We understand your skin needs. All our inspiration for creating enthralling experiences is inspired by the skin. Skin an organ that we are born with and we see it growing throughout us entire life. This meticulously designed external cover of our body needs care that understands its structure and bioengineering. At Glutone our in-depth understanding of science helps us conduct methodical and meticulous research to arrive at uniquely precise concepts for the products we formulate. We develop these innovative formulations with an aim to meet the needs of all skin types.

Our Vision

To be recognized globally as a science-driven skin and personal care brand committed to delivering quality & innovative products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our perspicacity of dermato-cosmetology channelled in a focused direction that is science-driven in an integrated manner with the aim of providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers.

Skin A Vital Cover

Our skin - a vital boundary between the world and our body is so beautifully and technically designed that it not only protects, senses and covers but also grows with us. This interestingly designed organ provoked us and brought us close to our passion of developing innovative skin care solutions. We understand your skin’s needs in the best possible way. Our approach differs in the sense that we are skin inspired and take care of the slightest of the details when it comes to your skin. In collaboration with our scientific experts and dedicated team, we aim at fulfilling our relentless passion for developing innovative skincare solutions.

Influencing paradigm shift

Our skin bioengineering wonder needs to be pampered and nourished from time to time. Without this, the design is disrupted and invites many problems which sometimes are difficult to tackle. While developing methods to address the different skin-related problems we come up with new concepts, which create a benchmark for our efforts. Most of our innovations are first of its kind. To name a few, we are the first to launch glutathione in India. Being a pioneer in the effervescent category we could make effervescent glutathione a very common routine here. We are market creators for glutathione and also market leaders to date. Setria Glutathione is exclusive to us in India and the best form of glutathione available. Similarly all our ingredients are at par in quality, efficacy and backed by data to support the same.

Comprehensive consumer care

We maintain regular and trusting cooperation with each of our individual customers, with an aim to make a difference in their lives. Our latest dermatological developments truly reflect the efforts that result in coming up with the desired solutions to address day-to-day skin and care needs. Through collaborations and a deeper understanding of the dermatological problems, we are keen to transform how these issues are treated today.