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Glutone 1000 Effervescent Tablets with Escor-Z Natural Vitamin C Tablets Orange Flavour Pack of 2 | Even Skin Tone | Skin Glow and Radiance I Boosts Collagen

Setria Glutathione and Natural Vitamin C are a terrific duo for boosting skin health. Above all the orangy tangy fizz makes this beauty drink worth all the love. The high-purity Setria Glutathione with Natural Vitamin C helps enhance beauty from within and makes skin even-toned and radiant.    Glutone 1000:  The best selling brand of Glutathione which contains Setria glutathione. Clinically proven to increase body stores of glutathione. Evens out the skin tone and imparts brighter and glowing skin from head-to-toe. Consume for 3-4 months preferably empty stomach for visible results. Works best when combined with Escor-Z, which contains natural vitamin C.    Escor-Z These orange flavoured tablets contains natural vitamin C derived from standardized Phyllanthus emblica extract. It is also rich in polyphenolic antioxidants such as gallic acid, elagic acid, quercetin and so on. Also contains Zinc which a very essential mineral. When taken with Glutone 1000 it improves absorption of glutathione.     

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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Mihika Bahadur
Worthwhile product!!

These tablets work so nice and their taste is so delectable. These effervescent tablets are like a pleasant treat having lots of beauty benefits. It is really beneficial for healthy skin. Highly recommended to those people who are seeking a solution other than medicinal pills, that are safe to use. Thank you Glutone for such an amazing & worthwhile skin care solution!

Smita Roychudhury

I really wanted to try a glutathione skin care product so I purchased this. I’m really glad I started using this product because it gave me the glowing skin I had desired for so long. The tangy lime flavour makes it really easy to drink as well.

Mitali C.

I believe in choosing the right product for my skin. So, I thought of giving this duo a try due to its hype. It legit works!!! Although it took me around 4 months to see the results on my skin, believe me, my skin has become better, brighter, and smooth. A total value for money product!

SHARVANi kadam

I came across this product accidentally on Facebook. But I am glad to have found this. Got the combo in a week and have been using it for five months now. Tbh, I am in love with this product. The quality, quantity, and capability of improving skin health - are simply brilliant. Besides, it has no foul odor but tastes good at the same time. Amazing!

Rajeshwari Lakhotia

Got these two products from a friend! The product is really helpful. Using it for some months now, and my skin feels better from the inside. If you want to maintain your skin health, here’s what you must definitely give a try. Has a natural formula and is not hamrful for the skin!