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Digital Pollution: How Glutone Helps You Protect Yourself?

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Digital Pollution: How Glutone Helps You Protect Yourself?

Do you think your eyes are the most affected body parts due to continuous exposure to laptops, mobile or TV screens? Then you need to think again. Digital gadgets emit blue light, resulting in oxidation and free radicals in our bodies, and it is popularly known that free radicals are the primary reason for ageing. 

In today's era, more people are accustomed to staying indoors. However, this doesn't save our skin from damage because digital pollution has replaced the harmful effects of atmospheric pollution. So how do we reduce the damaging effect of digital pollution on the skin

Glutone Sunscreen is carefully crafted to provide SPF 30 and blue light protection to prevent the harmful UV rays from acting upon the skin and also reduces the production of free radicals. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of Glutone in protecting your skin from Digital pollution

How Glutone Helps You Protect Yourself?

Digital gadgets have become an unavoidable part of our everyday life. Whether it's work, shopping, entertainment, education or dating, we need them for almost all kinds of work. This is slowly degrading our skin's natural radiance and charm with each passing day. Therefore,  Glutone has a range of skincare products that are safe and convenient.

1. Glutone MD is a mini effervescent edible tablet that needs to be placed below the tongue. It gets absorbed within 60 seconds through the sublingual route and starts neutralising the free radicals in the body. It offers premium quality allergen-free key ingredients to prevent reactions and allergies. Glutone MD is clinically tested and approved by FSSAI for regular consumption. With everyday use, it heals the damaged structure of skin from within to offer glowing, youthful skin.

2. Glutone face wash consists of a derma white skin brightening complex which includes white flower extracts of papaya, saxifrage, and guava. All three ingredients are an excellent source of providing a striking glow to the skin. Moreover, it has sulphate and paraben-free solutions to protect your skin from allergies. This facewash deep cleanses your skin and rejuvenates the damaged skin to give it a brighter look.

3. Face serums are essential for offering a youthful and firm structure to your skin by improving collagen. Glutone serum contains Liposomal Glutathione, Purewhite, and Melazero that have proven to bring effective results within 14 days of continuous use. Serums help reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by digital pollution on the skin. All-natural ingredients of the Glutone serum solution have been clinically tested on 30 Indian volunteers to provide well-established efficacy and safety. 

4. Glutone 1000 vitamin C tablets are enriched with Setria Glutathione sourced from Japan. It has been certified by GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and approved by FSSAI, making it safe for consumption. Harmful blue light penetrates our skin pores and damages the structure causing early ageing, wrinkles, and dullness. The Glutone 1000 offers a great combination of Zinc, vitamin C, and selenium in the form of edible tablets. When taken on an empty stomach, these tablets have shown to  restore  the damaged skin cell structure. 

5. To maintain the effective results of Glutone 1000, there is the option of Glutone C. It is a water-soluble tablet that has Phyllanthus Emblica extract and selenium. These ingredients are responsible for repairing skin damage caused by stress, ageing, and digital pollution. The nutrients of these tablets boost skin radiance by reducing oxidative agents and other skin-damaging substances.   

Although blue light is not a conventional form of pollution, regular exposure can steadily degrade your skin quality. Moreover, blue light that comes from the sun gets dispersed after entering the earth's atmosphere instead of the light from laptops and phone screens that are pretty close to our faces. It is, therefore, required to pay proper attention to maintaining your skin health till you have time. 

The harmful effects of digital pollution can be reduced and prevented by using skincare products rich in antioxidants and neutralising free radicals in the body. Moreover, efficient exfoliation and pore cleansing is also essential to remove the oil and dirt from the skin. By following a regular Glutone skincare routine, you can easily reciprocate the effects of digital damage and restore healthy glowing skin.

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