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Experience Beauty With Glutone

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Experience Beauty With Glutone

Experience Beauty With Glutone

The notion of what it means to be beautiful appears to have been hijacked by physical and materialistic criteria somewhere between jean sizes and makeup palettes, and it is past time for someone to come up and correct the record. It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is not solely about appearances. 


New research reveals that beauty is more of a feeling than a technique of describing a person's physical look. See, beauty begins on the inside and radiates outside and therefore, the more beauty you internalise, the more beautiful you will feel in your skin, your clothes, and the more confidence you'll exude from a simple grin. There's no single lipstick colour or a black dress that will instantly make you feel beautiful. It is more than that, and according to New York University academics, beauty is actually a lot easier than many people think.


Simply put, it's committing to and sticking to a practice that helps the health of your body's greatest organ (your skin), as well as providing the structure and pampering that promotes your psychological and emotional well-being.


So you must be wondering what does the whole experience beauty with glutone even mean?


Experience Beauty With Glutone


We, at Glutone, believe in creating a holistic experience by leveraging skin-inspired research and proposing a joyful experience that meets client expectations psychologically, physically and physiologically. We are totally convinced that science can help us make 'Beauty' an 'experience' that is immersive, satisfactory, efficient and rejuvenating. 

  • Psychological Emotions 

    Emotion is a multi-faceted psychological state that consists of an experience, a physiological reaction, and a behavioural or expressive response. Products by Glutone provide your skin with that glow, making it healthier and brighter. This in turn boosts our positive emotions like confidence, self-esteem, attitude and personality. You may also realise that certain times of the day trigger intrusive thoughts, but you may break the cycle with self-care.

  • Physical Emotions 

    According to studies, emotions account for up to 90% of a buyer's decision. Hence, the product elements like the look, feel, shape, colour, etc. at Glutone have been taken into consideration. They clearly and immediately address the emotions associated with the problem the product is meant to solve along with providing you with the right path to experiencing beauty. 

  • Physiological Emotions 

    Skin is the so-called largest organ of our body's exquisite design and scientific engineering that we usually take for granted when it comes to its protection from pollution, changing temperatures, sunlight, and a variety of other factors. The actives used in the products are meant to work on your skin because they penetrate deep inside, offering benefits like skin brightening, replenishing glutathione, increasing brighter melanin, even skin tone, healthy radiance and glow, reduction of hyperpigmentation and a lot more.   


    Hence, with Glutone products like the Glutone 1000, Glutone C Tablet, Glutone MD, Glutone Serum & Facewash, you can experience inner beauty along with the outer. 

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