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Who needs glutathione?

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Who needs glutathione?

Well the answer is very much clear. When Glutathione is said to be the master antioxidant, we all need glutathione. Every cell needs its for carrying out their daily functions. So lets understand the basics of glutathione. Glutathione, a nutrient-like substance that is made in the body as well as consumed through the diet, is one of the most important protective molecules in human biology.

As a powerful antioxidant it neutralizes harmful free radicals and recycles vitamins E and C, the other two main dietary antioxidants. In these roles it acts as a molecular “garbage collector,” cruising all tissues and removing unwanted toxins. Another important role of glutathione is to provide the body with amino acids for the vital protein functions of cells. In this role too it can affect every cell and tissue in the body. Interestingly, the breakdown of glutathione into its three amino acids is a reversible process; the entire glutathione pool throughout the body turns over daily as it is both broken down and synthesised. Large stores of glutathione are not maintained, so it must be replenished daily.

How much glutathione to take?

An official recommended intake has not been set for glutathione because diet is not the sole source, and therefore, glutathione cannot be classified as an essential nutrient. Scientists have measured the amount of glutathione provided by foods and found that the best sources are fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly prepared meats.

Diets that are high in these foods provide approximately 150 milligrams of glutathione per day, whereas poor diets may provide as little as 3 milligrams daily of glutathione. In general, scientific evidence suggests that a healthy intake should be in the range of 100 to 150 milligrams per day. However, the average intake is less than the recommended amount, leaving a considerable gap. Considering the variety of factors that can deplete glutathione, a sizeable proportion of the population could conceivably benefit from increasing its glutathione intake, either by eating more fresh foods or by choosing the right supplement.

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